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Landowner Company Management & Facilitation

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Applus+ Velosi Oceania's Land Owner Management department has vast experience managing Landowner companies in PNG. We bring together Landowners from affected project areas (whether it be in the field of Oil and Gas or Mining), with the Project Managers/Operators. We act as a conduit between the Landowners and the Project Managers. This is achieved by putting in place on behalf of the Landowners a statutory compliant operating entity. We then provide the skill set to efficiently manage the entity on behalf of the Landowners. This methodology brings benefits to both the Landowners and the Project Managers.
The benefits to the Landowners are:
  • A representative statutory compliant entity
  • A recognition and understanding of the Landowner expectations and capabilities
  • Efficient management systems
  • Proper cost and revenue control
  • A defined and secure dividend distribution policy to the Landowners
  • A structured entity that can take to the Project Managers any concerns that the Landowners might have relating to the project
The benefits to the Project Manager are:
  • The comfort in knowing that the Landowners interests in the project are being properly managed
  • A focal point for the supply of compliant labour
  • A stable and uninterrupted supply of labour to the project
  • A focal point where Landowner concerns/issues pertaining to the project can be addressed
  • The comfort in knowing that those profits earned by the Landowner entity are being distributed properly and efficiently to the entitled recipients
This service is not available in Mongolia. 

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